Universal Studios Orlando, Florida – A Guide to Everything You Need to Know!

This blog has grown out of my love of Universal Studios theme park. While I’ve always been a Disney fan, it seems like Universal is getting better every year, and their hotels and attractions are truly outstanding (Spiderman ride anyone?) I’ll be posting news, reviews, and tips to help make your trip more fun.

The first thing you should know about me is that I HATE CROWDS. If it comes down to going to the park and waiting in long lines all day, count me out. Luckily, Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure offer ways to see the park and ride all the rides without experiencing the dreaded 90 minute wait time.

The second thing you should know when reading this blog, is I’m cheap. My family is embarrassed sometimes by just how cheap I am, but what they don’t see is that I just want to get the best possible value from my money. I love deals, and nothing adds to the fun of a visit to an amusement park as knowing I got a sweet deal on the tickets.

If you’ve never been to Universal Studios because you’re to busy at Disney, or you haven’t been in a few years, I hope this blog will convince you to give it a try. There have been big changes to the resort, and Universal is now a destination resort in itself. In fact, you could park your car at the start of your vacation and never have to move it again the entire trip. You’ll have two theme parks, a bunch of great restaurants and nightlife, a movie theater, great shopping, and half a dozen hotels, all within walking distance, and all in a beautiful, clean, and safe environment.

All this being said, I’ll address the areas where I feel that Universal could use improvement too. No park is perfect.

So check back for information on news, reviews, and where you can find the best deal for your vacation!

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